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Missing persons

If someone you know goes missing you must act quickly but without affecting any evidence. Contact us and we will to make sure they have the best chance of being found.


Relationship Problems

We use the most effective, covert methods to provide you with the evidence you need if you suspect your partner of cheating.


Electronic Surveillance

We observe and listen to people in variety of places in a secretive and unobtrusive manner to record the information you need.


Commercial Awareness

We can find evidence of fraud, employee deviation, theft, and discrimination and information leaks in your business.

Trace a Person / Tracing Someone

So you know someone who wants to trace a person. They have no idea where to start and are not
even sure they know why they want to trace that person. This is not an uncommon situation. There
are as many reasons as there are people in the U.K as to why we might want to find a person who is
technically missing to us.

By far the largest group is that of those who have deliberately chosen to move on and communication
has tailed off until it stopped completely. The loss of contact results in the people becoming ‘lost’ to
each other. Common incidents are: marriage; divorce; familial breakdown; workers following jobs; life
improvement (moving to a perceived ‘better area’) and cultural regrouping.

Who do you want to trace?

Some people choose to cut ties with their former social groups and some people have it forced upon
them. Whatever the initial circumstances, and however painful or happy they may have been, one
thing is sure: we don’t necessarily feel the same way when time has passed by – our love / distaste
can get weaker or increase.

As we get older, our sense of logic and desire to be part of a social group often changes. The person
who couldn’t wait to get away from the difficult circumstances they found themselves in ten, twenty,
even fifty years ago, now feels safe but has spent years wondering how their close family member/s
have been doing. Conversely, maybe the formerly abused now feel able to take their abusers to
justice to pay for the emotional / physical scarring incurred. Or family / business investments need to
be challenged / recovered.

Those who want to trace someone / trace a missing person all have one thing in common: they are
seeking to put something right in their life / lives. Simply put, they need to rebalance that which is out
of balance. This sense of being unbalanced or feeling that something is missing or left undone can
often be the reason that a searcher is unable to fully describe why they want to find a missing group
or person and is ably voiced by Jorge Perez: “The beauty of balance is that I can do it all and not feel
bad about my choices, because every moment is an opportunity to start all over again.”

Where should you start?

This brings us to the question of where to begin the process of tracing a person. Many will begin
by making informal enquiries themselves. Tracing people is often a long and arduous task with
many metaphorical blind alleys and disappointments. If this approach doesn’t work or if you are very
determined to track down your man / woman / finances then you need dogged determination and
resources. Helping hands, technical know-how and knowledgeable advice is available from private
investigators, but do check the authenticity – you need to choose a professional provider. Their
collective experience is more than worth their fee.

Theft / Fraud

Theft / Fraud

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Relationship Problems

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Computer Monitoring

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